What Is A Ocean Monument?

An Ocean Monument is a place where you can find in deep sea. It is heavily guarded by the guardians that live there, it might seem like a very dangerous place, but you will be awarded handsomely if you raid it.


Thorny Sea Monsters---The Guardians

Guardians are the main guards in an Ocean Monument. Their main attack is to shoot a laser from their eyes. They can also poke you with their spikes if you are close. DON'T use you bow as the water will stop the arrow to go far. USE your sword instead as their spikes don't do much damage. There is also an Elder Guardian that does the same things but they can cast Mining Fatigue on you making it harder to mine and collect resources from the Ocean Monument. It would be better to try and find them first and kill them with a sword. The Elder Guardian will do a "jumpscare" that will give the Mining Fatigue effect.


Elder Guardian "Jumpscare"