The Nether is a place where almost everything's on fire. Lit up by glowstone patches and lava seas, the Nether has a reddish atmosphere. With strange hostile monsters lurking all around, there is nowhere safe...


Crying gasbags---Ghasts

Although they look like enormous white floating squids, they are not nice like squids at all! All they want to do is to blow stuff up, especially blowing you up  :)

Fiery demons---Blazes

These monsters are made of fire and can shoot fire balls! DON'T use swords unless you are a daredevil. USE your bow instead.

Evil charred bones---Wither skeletons

They are like normal skeletons but they have swords instead of bows and they inflect the wither effect on you, the wither effect is like poison but it can kill you. To defeat them you can build a two block high pillar a attack from above.

Wither skelton