When you spawn in a new world, especially for the first time playing Minecraft, it may seem like there is so much to do, and so little time. This guide will help you in that situation.

Step I- Punching Trees

  • The first thing you should do is punch trees. This may sound crazy, but this is Minecraft, not real life. Once you get about 35-45 wood, make a crafting table. Consult How to craft in MCPE for more details on crafting.

Step 2-craft tools

to build/break stone you will need a pickaxe, craft a pickaxe, but don't craft other wooden tools yet.

Step 3-mine stone

take your pickaxe, go to a hill/mountain, find a patch of coal, and start 'hitting' it with your pickaxe, after mining it,make your hole bigger and make your first few torches with a coal and stick, place it down and cover the entrance leaving a one-block hole so that you know when is day and when is night, place down you stuff and make a chest and wait till morning.